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Seminar Instructor(s) Date(s) Location
Partner Hosted Seminars
Clinical Concepts (KT3) 604-000-3W-110814-05-US   Pete Pfannerstill   Nov 08, 2014   St. Anthony's Carillon Wellness Center Clearwater, FL US
Official KTA Seminars
KT4 Specialty Sports/Orthopedic 607-000-4SP-110914-01-US   Scott Hainz   Nov 09, 2014   Lee's Summit Medical Center Rehab and Sports Medicine Lees Summit, MO US
KT4 Specialty Sports/Orthopedic 420-000-4SP-110914-01-US   Karen Danish   Nov 09, 2014   Riverside Muscular Therapy, LLC Stamford, CT US
Partner Hosted Seminars
Equine Advanced Clinical Applications (KTE3) 11-000-KTE3-111414-05-US   Sybille Molle   Nov 14-15, 2014   Animal Rehab Institute Loxahatchee, FL US
Partner Hosted Seminars
Fundamentals & Advanced (KT1 & KT2) 604-000-1F-111514-05-US 604-000-2A-111614-05-US   Pete Pfannerstill   Nov 15-16, 2014   St. Anthony's Carillon Wellness Center Clearwater, FL US
Fundamentals & Advanced (KT1 & KT2) 423-000-1F-111514-05-US 423-000-2A-111614-05-US   Andrea Wolkenberg   Nov 15-16, 2014   Symmetry Physical Therapy Pelham, NY US
Fundamentals & Advanced (KT1 & KT2) 603-000-1F-111514-05-US 603-000-2A-111614-05-US   Mike McGillicuddy   Nov 15-16, 2014   Central Florida School of Massage Therapy - Orlando/Winter Park, FL Winter Park, FL US
Clinical Concepts (KT3) 416-000-3W-111514-05-US   Amy Stahl   Nov 15, 2014   Cherry Creek Wellness Denver, CO US
Fundamentals & Advanced (KT1 & KT2) 600-000-1F-111514-05-US 600-000-2A-111614-05-US   Barbara Ann Humphrey   Nov 15-16, 2014   Heal Thyself & Company Indianapolis, IN US
Clinical Concepts (KT3) 505-000-3W-111514-05-US   Masahiro Takakura   Nov 15, 2014   Hilton Garden Inn Spokane Airport Spokane, WA US